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November 17 2017



Blizzard has no right trying to joke on EA, as if they don’t release 5 skins a month that are impossible to get unless you purchase 100 loot boxes or dedicate 40+hrs a week playing their broken ass game.

Y'all are forgetting something very important.

It’s not just “Blizzard” the full company is “Activision Blizzard” and Activision did file that patent that was for a system specifically designed to encourage players to buy microtransactions by pairing them against players who had weapons, skins, armor etc that they did not have. It would also pair you against more “veteran” players so when you lost you would feel more like “maybe I would have won if I had that sweet gun or armor the other person had.”

While they said they haven’t implemented something like this into any of their games yet, they very well could.

While Overwatch is managed by the Blizzard part of the company it is something to be aware of. And Blizzard doesn’t get a free pass here. The biggest defense ever is “Its just cosmetics! It’s just cosmetics!” Yet it creates the same “haves vs have nots” culture that spurs on microtransactions that are so close to being gambling it’s ridiculous. If they really cared they’d make it so you couldn’t get duplicates and fix the drop rates so you didn’t get five or more boxes of just sprays. There is room for improvement with their system that addresses things players have been complaining about. And yes other games do have a system to avoid duplicates so it can be done.

I agree that Overwatch is the least offending Triple A game to have microtransactions in a premium 60 dollar game (more for console players who have to shell out for the online service too) as Blizzard is a team that is hard at work developing new maps, new skins, new modes and new heroes every few months and they deserve to make some extra money for their work.

But collectively as consumers we should be aware and critical of the things we purchase. And also understand that things could change any moment. While Blizzard and Overwatch certainly didn’t invent the lootbox they definitely kicked off the craze that has infected nearly every Triple A game to come out this year, some with disastrous results. It’s important that we understand that even if it’s “just cosmetics” it’s still contributing to the larger problem and culture around microtransactions in games today.

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i’m starting to lose my fucking mind and grainy old pictures of bad apartments are taking on the qualities of fine wines. look at this fucking bathroom photo and how every object in the shot is somehow half-cropped out of the frame it’s like an anti-renaissance painting and you would have to consciously try to take a photo that communicated any less information about the bathroom of this apartment

Nowhere in America can a full-time minimum wage worker afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment



There is nowhere in this country where someone working a full-time minimum wage job could afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment, according to an annual report released Thursday documenting the gap between wages and the cost of rental housing.

Downsizing to a one-bedroom will only get you so far on minimum wage. Such housing is affordable in only 12 counties [in the entire country] located in Arizona, Oregon and Washington states, according to the report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

this is why people cant have kids. this is why there are homeless single mothers. this is why people dont leave abusive relationships. 

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wookieepedia is very special

What do they mean ‘were’

its a weird quirk of wookiepedia - because the whole star wars series takes place “a long time ago” they insist on referring to everything in the past tense

it says “legends” so breasts aren’t canon anymore

We lost titties in the star war

Titties are no longer canon. Curse you George Lucas

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ok here’s what’s gonna happen in the last jedi rey will infiltrate the sith and when kyle least expects it she’s gonna kick his ass I’m calling it

Opinion | The House Just Voted to Bankrupt Graduate Students


Republicans in the House of Representatives have just passed a tax bill that would devastate graduate research in the United States. Hidden in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a repeal of Section 117(d)(5) of the current tax code, a provision that is vital to all students who pursue master’s degrees or doctorates and are not independently wealthy.

I’m a graduate student at M.I.T., where I study the neurological basis of mental health disorders. My peers and I work between 40 and 80 hours a week as classroom teachers and laboratory researchers, and in return, our universities provide us with a tuition waiver for school. For M.I.T. students, this waiver keeps us from having to pay a bill of about $50,000 every year — a staggering amount, but one that is similar to the fees at many other colleges and universities. No money from the tuition waivers actually ends up in our pockets, so under Section 117(d)(5), it isn’t counted as taxable income.

But under the House’s tax bill, our waivers will be taxed. This means that M.I.T. graduate students would be responsible for paying taxes on a $80,000 annual salary, when we actually earn $33,000 a year. That’s an increase of our tax burden by at least $10,000 annually.

It would make meeting living expenses nearly impossible, barring all but the wealthiest students from pursuing a Ph.D. The students who will be hit hardest — many of whom will almost certainly have to leave academia entirely — are those from communities that are already underrepresented in higher education.

Continue Reading.

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This is the best you could do with all your knowledge and technology? Instead of trying to make something outta nothing, you’d rather repeat the mistakes of the past, straight up? No, you’re gonna add new mistakes on top — that really takes the cake. You guys need some imagination.
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Black Is the Soul

After a reeeeeally long time I finally got a chance to finish a personal illustration and after years I decided to draw Ash’s demon and angel side again… should I say that this is a new version of this unfinished piece. I drew many sketches for this concept over the years but I mostly put them on the side. He always gave me trouble whenever I tried to draw both of his personalities in one drawing <_< This piece was also finished for 3dtotal and I’ve wrote a detailed tutorial on how I created this drawing. Full tutorial you can read here. Enjoy.

Official site | YouTube | Instagram | DeviantART

November 16 2017

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i’m 101% sure that this entire line was improv and tom couldn’t help it

“Yeah, that was basically, we did about six different versions of that story, and that was just us standing around while the cameras were rolling and I would just feed them lines and feed Chris ideas for stories. I’d say, “Do another one, in this one say: ‘I was walking through a field, and I saw a lovey Turkish rug in the middle of the grass, and I love Turkish rugs, so I went to stand on it, and it was Loki, and he turned back into Loki and there was a hole and I fell through the hole was was impaled on a whole lot of spikes.’” So we did versions of that, and the one with the snake just ended up being the one we used.”
—Taika Waititi, Empire Magazine Podcast, 6/11/17, 00:23:25 (x)


I choose to beliee every version of this story is true

and is just a different tale of when Loki turned into something ridiculous

and tried to murder his brother

I don’t know what makes this funnier, the idea that Loki kept trying the same prank, or that Thor kept falling for it.








I realize going into the Thor Ragnarok tag is a bad idea but I’m always surprised by the garbage I find like

“Valkyrie’s capability and skill is never doubted for one second and honestly that bothered me”

She apparently doesn’t do enough stereotypical feminine things for this person 

Can they just say they hate black women and go

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My pretty pink beach outfit

ASAN Opposes Tax Bill, Repeal of Individual Mandate


ASAN remains strongly opposed to the elimination of the individual mandate to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and condemns the inclusion of repeal within the latest versions of the tax bills.

The individual mandate helps make insurance more affordable, especially for people with disabilities. The bipartisan Congressional Budget Office has shown that 13 million people could lose access to affordable coverage if the mandate is repealed, with premiums rising an average of 10%. The American people have strongly rejected such proposals three times in this year alone. Taken in conjunction with the Budget resolution which cut $5 trillion dollars over the next decade from Medicaid, Social Security, and other essential services that allow people with disabilities to live good lives in our communities, the tax bill and the repeal of the individual mandate amount to a full-scale attack on people with disabilities.

It is reprehensible and immoral to take health care away from 13 million people in order to let corporations and the wealthiest Americans avoid paying their fair share of taxes. The lives and liberty of people with disabilities are worth more than this. ASAN urges Congress to heed the clear voice of the disability community–and many others–and abandon this umpteenth attempt to force a destructive and partisan agenda.

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization run by and for autistic people. ASAN was created to serve as a national grassroots disability rights organization for the autistic community run by and for autistic Americans, advocating for systems change and ensuring that the voices of autistic people are heard in policy debates and the halls of power. Our staff work to educate communities, support self-advocacy in all its forms, and improve public perceptions of autism. ASAN’s members and supporters include autistic adults and youth, cross-disability advocates, and non-autistic family members, professionals, educators, and friends.











Tumblr: *rolls out “best stuff first”*

My blog:

on the one hand this is a joke post because lol i have never made a good post in my life, but also, if i hadn’t made the connection between this update and my sudden nosedive in activity, i would have been really fucking discouraged about all the shit i’ve been working on lately. i guarantee there are people on tumblr right now who haven’t made that connection, and who are trying to figure out why suddenly no one likes anything they’ve made. and that fucking sucks.

Reminder to go into your settings and turn off ‘Best Stuff First’ because my activity’s tanked a couple days ago for no reason so this stuff IS happening.

You WILL miss content with that setting on.

i ain’t joking when i say that my activity looks JUST like this too and i wasn’t sure why

I can only find the option on the app under Settings > Dashboard Preferences.

To support content creators do us a favour and turn off “Best stuff first”. Open the tumblr app (Android or iOs) and go to “Settings > Dashboard Preferences. And please reblog this post, so that everybody will see this. Thank you very much!

I assumed I just wasn’t writing very well, but maybe it’s not just me.

Am I supposed to pay to get my writing in front of followers now?

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled sci-fi content because this is important for app users, and it sucks. We all follow blogs because we want to see their content, not to have a crappy algorithm decide what’s best.

This blog is down approximately 80%, which doesn’t affect me other than as an annoyance (as this is a hobby and @okayto is small-ish) but the issue undoubtedly hurts others.


Below are instructions for turning it off. You have to do it individually–it doesn’t matter if a blog you follow turns it off, you’ll still be affected unless you do the same.


We don’t normally reblog PSAs, but this is very clearly affecting us, too! If you haven’t been getting your daily dose of RPG humor, this setting is probably why. Turn it off so you can see all the silly shit players say!

Trying to reblog the versions of these instructions with the most notes, so they’ll actually show up for the people afflicted by this update.




Are there like… any other parents on Vulcan? Like are Sarek and Amanda single-handedly raising every single child they encounter? Every child who sets foot on the planet now belongs to them? Like they meet some other Vulcan’s kid and go “hello, I’m your parent now” and then just take off with them? Is that what happened?

Sarek at the mall: “Sir, madam, I do not know your name, but but I see your son/daughter seems unfulfilled by your bond, constraining his/her philosophical development. As our offspring’s relationship with us is demonstrably superior, would it not be logical for you to surrender custody?”

Other Vulcan: “Your reasoning is cogent and flawless. Live long and prosper, son/daughter. I shall use the funds that were to pay for your schooling to purchase many plush robes in which I will ponder existence more comfortably.”

Vulcan child: “An excellent plan. Thank you for begetting me.”

I know it’s been a while but the funniest part of this for me is still “Sarek at the mall”




date the person who says, “have fun, be safe, and call if you need anything” not the person who gets mad at you for going out w/o them

hi… ever heard of… bpd…?

hi… ever heard of… not excusing your own abusive behaviors on account of mental illness…? 




You wander through the ruins of a once mighty city. There you see a man grinning at you, wearing a rusted crown.

You ask him why the fuck would he wear an iron crown. And how the hell he got it wet enough for it to tarnish. At least gilde it so the outside looks gold and it doesn’t tarnish. What the fuck.

He gets really defensive about it, like weirdly defensive. Oh, oh, he says, oh, I’m sorry I don’t, like, carry gilding materials around. Sorry I’m not prepared like you. Where’s your crown, huh? You don’t have one? I didn’t think so. Watch yourself.

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